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Implication of Solar Energy on Myanmar's Green Energy Mix for
A Sustainable Future

Solar is one of the most ubiquitously available sources of green energy and the most suitable for distributed power generation bringing power generation to where it is needed. Unlike other sources of green energy, it is widely scalable owing to its modular technology to match future increase in load.

Solar energy presents a great opportunity for Myanmar’s decentralized and grid connected power generation, as 70% of the population live in remote areas.

Quick Facts on Solar Energy in Myanmar

  • Solar energy has the potential to generate 51,973.8 TWh/year, with an average of over 5 sun hours per day.
  • The average solar radiation in Myanmar is more than 5 kWh per sq.m per day during the dry season. Solar radiation in Myanmar varies from 2.3-3.2 kWh/m2/day in the extreme north and south regions while majority of the Myanmar including the central region have good solar radiation ranging from 3.6-5.2 kWh/m2/day.

MGES2015 Myanmar Monthly Solar Radiation-s
Myanmar’s Monthly Solar Radiation

MGES2015 Myanmar Radiation Compare to Other Country
Myanmar Radiation Compare to Other Country

  • The rural electrification department under the Ministry of Border Affairs has implement about 17,600 solar home systems in FY2013 and plans to implement another 13,600 solar home systems projects in FY 2014.

News Highlights

ABB brings solar energy to rural Myanmar communities
March 20 – ABB announced partnership with PAT to bring solar energy to approximately 3,500 individuals in Myanmar – a country where 70% of the population has no access to electricity to improve quality of life, create economic opportunities and boost education in the remote areas of the country.
Source: eco-business.com

ACO Investment Group announces Solar-energy deal with Myanmar
August 28 – ACO Investment Group, a U.S. - based private-equity fund announced $480 million solar energy project in Myanmar’s Mandalay region, which is expected to increase power generation by upward of 12 percent. ACO expects the project to create 400 construction jobs in Myanmar.
Source: bloomberg.com

Green Earth plans $275 million Solar power project in Myanmar
May 8 – Green Earth Power (Thailand) Ltd signed a memorandum of agreement with MOEP to develop a $275 million solar power project in Myanmar. The facility located in the North of Yangon will have generating capacity of 220 megawatts and will sell electricity to the Myanmar government under a 30 years power purchase agreement.
Source: bloomberg.com

If you are looking to optimise your operational processes and benchmark them against industry leaders, then you wouldn’t want to miss the 3rd Myanmar Green Energy Summit

Find out about...
  • Myanmar Power Outlook And Development Plan
  • Myanmar’s Policy and Strategy in Meeting Sustainable Electricity Security for Economic Growth
  • World Bank’s 7.2 Million New Household Electrification Program for Myanmar
  • Scaling Up The Renewable Energy Access in Myanmar: The ADB Perspectives
  • Solar Power Utilization for Rural Electrification in Myanmar
  • Solar Farms and Grid Connectivity Planning and Opportunities in Myanmar
  • Using Off-Grid Solar Photovoltaic Generation for Commercial and Residential Electrification
  • Myanmar Power Purchase Agreement Framework for Renewable Energy Project
  • Myanmar’s Foreign Direct Investment Policy for the Power Sectors
  • Financing Options for Green Energy Projects in Myanmar
  • The Funding Options from Commercial Bankers for Green Energy Projects

How Will You Benefit From The Summit?

  • Gain an insight into current and future development plans in Myanmar’s solar sectors
  • Meet face-to-face with high profile governmental policy makers
  • Identify key opportunities in bankable solar energy projects in Myanmar
  • Build business relationships, network and forge partnerships with industry specific stakeholders
  • Understand the legal requirements in entering into business partnerships and investment
  • Network with financiers looking for investment opportunities in Myanmar
Don’t miss the opportunity to learn and benchmark your current strategies against your peers.
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